We know that metal keys are been replaced with digital fobs but you still need to keep them all together! Keyrings are still popular and when they are teamed up with a function they are kept for many years. Our stock is constantly changing and we will always bring you the latest design styles and colours Tell us what you need, how many you need and what your budget is and we will source the perfect keyrings for your business and clients. Because we see our customers face to face - We know exactly what sort of promotional products is going to best match their business and their customers. Keyrings are kept for many years and are prized possessions when their is a bottle that needs to be opened and your keyrings save the day! They are a great way to have your business name in front of your customers at all times. Floating Keyrings We look after many maritime and water sporting groups. Floating keyrings are literally lifesaving. We also have other waterproof items that these clubs order from us.

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